Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catching Up

Right now, I'm feeling a bit scattered. My thoughts are all over the place and I cannot seem to collect them into one theme. So, you're getting a bit of a modge podge. Enjoy!

Right now: On the drive to my yoga class tonight, the radio DJ was talking about how it would seem that technology should bring us closer, allowing for deeper and stronger connections to one another; but that doesn't seem to be the case, at least in her life. If you had asked me a year ago, I would have agreed with that statement. Today, however, I think the strength of the connection you build with a person through technology is determined by how you use it.  For Greg and I, technology is all we have right now. If you put your heart into your communication across wireless channels, your message reads stronger on the other end. The same is true for this blog; the more heart I put into what I write, the more it will resonate with the reader (in theory :)).

Yoga: It feels like someone cracked my heart like a glow stick and now it's shining brighter than ever. This is how I have been feeling after my yoga practice lately. The downside is that when we get to final resting pose (where you lay on your back with your eyes closed, remaining completely still with a clear mind) I'm feeling so bright and shiny that I'm actually fidgeting, making it impossible to rest. I've been working hard to deepen my practice lately and I think the intensity of results that I am getting are more or less overwhelming my body after each class. If I figure out how to fix this little hiccup, I'll let you know.

BEYOND: On the weekend of the one year anniversary of the tragic January 8th shooting in Tucson, the Tucson Trails Tribute Fund put on BEYOND, a series of over 25 events to get the community outdoors and active to commemorate the victims of the shooting, celebrate the togetherness we felt in the days and months afterward and commit to building a stronger, more hopeful future. For the last month or so, helping to plan and organize this massive day has kept me very busy. Hence, you haven't seen me post in a while. If you didn't hear about BEYOND or want to learn more, check out the website and the Facebook page. It was really quite amazing and its happening again next year.

The most moving part of the tragedy's anniversary was, without a doubt, seeing the Congresswoman lead the Pledge of Allegiance at Sunday's candlelight memorial. She would have made Gabe (her aide who fell victim during the shooting) so proud.

Raleigh & Sessa: Raleigh has now graduated from spending the night in his cage to sleeping in the bed. Raleigh has claimed my feet while Sessa rules the area around my head. Needless to say, I'm never short on cuddle buddies!

Italy: Greg and I are meeting in Italy for his leave. I'm so excited! I'm also so stressed. Due to our circumstances, I am planning the whole trip. This means I'm worrying about making sure we do all the things we both want to do without running ourselves ragged in the process. Is it possible to do Italy in moderation? I think not!

Well folks, that's all she wrote!

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  1. OMG Italy! What a great idea!! You can always plan lots of sight-seeing out and then take it one day at a time. If you don't feel like running to a museum/church/historical site, you could decide to sit and drink espresso and just BE. :) I think you are in for a ton of fun either way!!

    And I agree with your view on technology. It's all about what you put in it, and for the military, it is sometimes the only way to connect!