Friday, December 23, 2011

A Different Kind of Christmas

I am spending this Christmas the same way I have year after year. On Thursday I ended my work day, boarded the pets and headed to the always empty Tucson airport to catch my flight home for the holidays. My mom has the tree all set up and my sister is home causing her usual trouble. We will be cooking all our favorite holiday foods and wrapping gifts not so different from the ones exchanged last year. Every Christmas has been this way; every Christmas has been spent with my wonderful family.

But this year is a different kind of Christmas. Happy and jolly yes, but also bittersweet and a bit sad.

While all the family traditions feel normal, the holidays as usual, this year there is something missing. Or someone, rather.

Greg and I have never spent a Christmas together so I cannot say for sure what it might actually feel like: kissing the man I love under the mistletoe, decorating a tree together, exchanging gifts face to face. But I can imagine. And boy have I imagined!

It's rumored that the holidays are the toughest time of year for military couples during a deployment. I can understand why. While everyone else is snuggling together, you are watching, waiting and wishing. No one ever said this was easy but does it have to be so hard?

This year will be the last Christmas of it's kind. And although it is nice to be able to spend one last traditional holiday at home, I cannot help but wish I did not have to.

This is a different kind of Christmas.

Today's lesson: Always appreciate what you have but never let that stop you from dreaming big. One day your wishes might just come true.

Happy holidays readers!

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