Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Book

Greg and I have found many ways to stay connected while he is gone this year. None of them, however, seem to have quite the effect on me that this little brown book does.

Each morning, Raleigh and I drag ourselves out of bed, leash up and rush to the mailbox (with a quick pee-pee pit stop along the way for the Ra) to check for The Book.

It only arrives about once a month. When it comes, my heart pounds with excitement as Ra and I hurry back to the apartment to read the newest entry.

I tear open the white cardboard box and let the book fall into my waiting hands. The leather is smooth and warm, even though its freezing outside. It's almost as if Greg had just put the book down, still toasty from his touch.

The Book brings me to tears every time I hold it. I'm awed by the long journey The Book makes each month. Not too long ago Greg's hands rested on these same pages; grasping the leather reminds me of holding his hand. I'm teary eyed before I even read Greg's words and the water works only continue from there.

Many couples write letters during deployments. Greg and I write books. He writes his entries in blue; mine are penned in red. Back and forth this little book goes, across oceans and continents, connecting two hearts and telling a story of hope and love.

This deployment will one day end and Greg will come home. The Book will retire to a shelf to spend out its days in one place. Before that day comes, The Book will make many more international excursions, reminding us upon its arrival that the world is smaller than we think.

Of all the ways Greg and I stay connected during his absence, this method is my favorite.

Please note that Princess Cat appears in both pictures of the book as she was trying desperately to get my attention just because she wanted it. Oh, pets!