Thursday, November 3, 2011

So Facebook Says I'm Single

Today was an amazing day. Work went well, shopping with one of my best buds went well and I GOT A NEW CAR! Well, new to me anyway and just in time too; my car barely starts anymore. I guess that's what happens to a 10 year old Ford in the desert. My new baby is absolutely gorgeous by the way and exactly what I wanted. I guess things really do work themselves out.

I was floating on cloud 9, until I walked in the door of my apartment and smacked straight into a brick wall.  My phone rang; it was one of my gal pals calling to "see if I was ok?" Well why wouldn't I be ok?

Apparently while I was living in paradise, Greg and I had broken up over Facebook. WHAT?!??! This was definitely news to me! We talked this morning and as far as I was aware we were just as in love as we have ever been.

I know what you are thinking, it's just Facebook. What's the big deal? But since my new relationship status has gone public, I have received numerous phone calls and text messages asking if I am alright. This just reaffirms the fact that Facebook is completely ingrained in our daily lives.

So here I am, "single," and I can't even call him to ask what happened. Did someone play a nasty prank? Is he upset about something that I didn't know was wrong? Or worse? I'm dying for someone to clue me in.

Right now, I am operating under the theory that Greg must have left his computer on and one of his bunkmates saw the perfect opportunity to mess with his head. Military guys do that sort of thing to each other all the time right? When Greg joined a new unit, for example, one of the guys anonymously called him to say I was cheating on him at some bar. I was actually at home asleep with Princess Cat. Partying at a bar, asleep in bed-same thing, right?

Overall, the prank theory seems the most logical and the most comforting. How sweet and considerate this was of Greg's coworker(s). I shall remember to mail the culprit coal for Christmas.

It seems answers will just have to wait until the next time Greg calls in. Life must be testing my patience. Don't worry readers, I will keep you posted.

Today's lesson: Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait (I hope!).

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