Sunday, November 13, 2011


It's been a while since I wrote last. Oops! It's been a busy week: work-wise, life-wise, pet-wise and I'm sure many other wises.

Work has been hectic, life has been chaotic and the pets could sense my stress levels making them act the way I felt. But that's life, isn't it?

Today was much calmer. It also rained cats and dogs. Poor Raleigh didn't get to go on our long walk today. He pouted like this for a good hour!

Why yes, that is Pooch pouting next to my polka dot rain boots and yes we do live in the desert. Hmm...
To celebrate the de-nuttifying of my week (and get some shopping therapy out of the way) I started on Greg's Christmas box!

Ta Da!
I'd tell you what's in it but Greg reads my blog and it's a surprise! I still cannot believe I did that much wrapping-I finished a whole roll of paper. I'm not sure what it is about the combination of really cheap red and green wrapping, gift bows and tape but it always gets me into the Christmas spirit. As a result of my newly rekindled holly jolly mood, I put up my tree! 

My masterpiece! :)

A bit lot early, I know, but I'll be at my parent's home for Christmas so I figured the more use I can get out of the thing the better. I guess this is a good excuse to buy more toys for Raleigh and Sessa (as if they don't have enough!). 

Well that pretty much sums up the noteworthy parts of my least the parts that didn't make me growl or want to tear my hair out.

My one lesson from the events of this weekend: your own opinion is the only one that matters. 

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