Sunday, November 6, 2011

An Ode to my Focus

Unless you live in a large city with an advanced public transportation system, having a car means having freedom: freedom to go where you want, when you want. And just as you never forget your first love despite how much you move forward, you never forget your first car no matter how much you upgrade.

Today, I said goodbye to the first car I ever little red Ford Focus.

It was my college car and it was my freedom. I loved that car and most days it loved me back. My baby lasted me 5 good, long years. It was my get-a-way vehicle, my take a drive to clear my head car, my transportation to see friends, my method to work and my way home. That little Focus survived a lot with me: good times and bad, busy and slow. It also had more problems than I could afford to fix knowing they would just need to be fixed again in another few months. It was time to put it to rest.

I did not expect that giving my car away would trigger such a strong response. I admit it, I a baby.

But turning over the keys to my college car means more than just letting go of a hunk of metal, it means the closing of a phase in my life. It means the shifting of my vision from one Focus to another. I am no longer a student, I am no longer a kid and I can no longer get by on a car that only works most of the time (and lately some of the time). I am a real adult with real responsibilities, a real job, and a grown-up car fully equipped with a real car loan. Let me tell you, that's a scary thing-I'm referring to the adult part, not the car loan, although that is pretty scary too.

My Focus no longer leads to graduating and building my resume; my focus is on building my life. I'm pretty sure I entered this phase a while ago but the new car makes it more official, at least in my eyes.

So my baby car is in first-car heaven and my life is moving forward. What's next? Well that remains to be determined but it's nice to know that wherever my road may lead, I'll be able to make it there safely.

Today's lesson: Think in the present with an eye to the future and let the past light your way.

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