Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Note I'd Like to Share

Greg recently started his own blog, No Place Too Far. He wrote his first post this week and it was heartfelt and honest and bursting with all the things it is sometimes too hard to say out loud.

To Greg and I, blogging means more than just putting content out on the web to get noticed and build a fan base.

My blog is how Greg stays up to date on Pooch the Menace's most recent mischief; its where he goes when he needs to remember how much he is loved; its the place he visits when he misses home.

His blog is where I will go when I miss him most and need to be reminded that he misses me just as much; its where I will go when I want to hear his voice and cannot pick up the phone; its where I will go when the letters and pictures just aren't enough.

For us, blogging is another way we communicate. For us, the blogs fill in all the little pieces of life that don't get conveyed in our short Skype calls. For us, our posts make us feel closer to each other, even while we are impossibly far away.

I'll leave you with a quote from Greg's first post, one that I know I will visit over and over and over again...

"As I leave you all to the next blog, I would like my wonderful girlfriend to know that I love her dearly and that the time we spend apart is only doubling the amount of time we'll spend together when I get home. I hope she never forgets that I care for her more than a person is granted to love someone in this lifetime. Just hang in there with me hunny and it will be like I was never a place too far." 
"To my parents and family, I appreciate all the support and the love you send me in boxes that I open with a smile on my face. All of you make me proud and without you, the strength I have wouldn't replenish the next day to stand me on my feet. I hope you remember that I serve you. Sleep warmly under that blanket of freedom and know that your son/grandson/nephew is a fighting man and ensures that when you wake up, the sun will shine and freedom will be at your doorstep."

As you move through the rest of your day, please remember to take a second and send a little strength and love to all our brave soldiers overseas.

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  1. Oh I LOVE that he's doing a blog too!! And he's such a great writer as well. It is nice to have one more spot to read his words and thoughts, huh? When my husband is away for training (haven't faced a deployment yet...), I re-read over old letters, notes, and texts.
    Glad your boyfriend can get his thoughts out on his own little corner of the internet and you can read his words whenever you feel the need. ;)