Monday, October 10, 2011

The Word of the Day is Movement

Each day my yoga teacher picks a new word and asks us to focus on acting the word out in our practice. "The word of the day is movement," my teacher said as she stepped to the front of the class. " I want you to really focus on each movement you make today and notice how it creates new space."

I practice Vinyasa yoga, which in the most basic terms, is movement with breath. I like to think of my yoga practice as a set of movements that focus my mind on loving myself for working hard and open space my heart for the newly created love to flow in.

Today, with the word of the day in mind, I dedicated my practice to moving the love I created towards Greg. In Elizabeth Gilbert's book Eat Pray Love, she dedicates her practice to her nephew whose nights are sleepless and terrorized by nightmares. When Liz dedicates her yoga practice to her nephew, keeping his face present in her mind as she moves, his nightmares stop.

This morning I saw Greg on Skype for the first time since he arrived at his FOB. My heart fluttered with excitement until I actually looked at him. His face looked exhausted and drained and the look in his eyes made my blood curdle like spoiled milk. He looked like he was in his own nightmare.

If it worked for Liz and her nephew, why shouldn't it work for Greg and me?

So tonight in my class, I focused on creating more and more space in my heart with each pose, letting the newly generated love flow through time and space from my heart to Greg's. I pictured his face in my mind as I moved through my practice, imagining my energy and love like white light shielding him from the nightmare in which he is now living.

I don't know if this actually made a difference or if he felt my thoughts directed towards him, but it made me feel better, like I was able to do something. This evening when I saw Greg through the computer screen, he looked much better, stronger.

Today's lesson: The power of positive thought is only as strong as you let it become. Lift your own spirits and others will follow suit.

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