Monday, October 31, 2011

Sometimes Life Just Happens...

Have you ever heard the saying "Life is what happens when you are busy planning"?

Well that was my weekend. My mother and I had a great few days all scheduled out consisting of hiking, cooking, movies, yoga and just relaxing in general. Of course all of that was rendered completely obsolete when my car battery began to sputter in the middle of our Saturday shopping and eventually died the next morning.

So, there we were bright and early on Sunday with the leashed Pooch chasing his tail in a circle, staring at my smoking car, hood open and doors ajar waiting for AAA. The roadside assistance finally came and replaced my battery for FREE! because it was still under warranty. Did I mention I replaced the thing about a year ago? Well I did; welcome to the results of Arizona's sweltering Summer heat on a crappy car.

Battery replaced and problem solved, right? Guess again! My car continued to act up all the way to the dog park and to puppy class graduation afterwards.

Graduation was a total success by the way. Isn't The Ra ADORABLE in his grad hat?

We also won the scavenger hunt activity and Raleigh got a prize squeaky duck which he now carries around the apartment and puts in my lap every time I sit down. He's so proud of himself!

Needless to say, the rest of our weekend was spent car shopping. So much for relaxing... Anyway, I am still car-less and we are shopping around, all the while praying that my little Ford doesn't bite the big one before we can trade it in.  *knock on wood*

To top off the weekend:

  • Raleigh has the sniffles 
  • Sessa scratched up my mom trying to break free of her hug when Raleigh took a flying leap over the baby gate barring his access to my room so that he could save the cat from my mom who was loving her much to Sessa's chagrin 
  • And Greg has been M.I.A. due to poor internet and a busy few days
This is really must be a test of how well can I survive on my own. So far I think I am passing. Thank heavens for my mom or I would be totally lost to the car dealing sharks.

Oh, and my yoga challenge is being delayed. I am aware that delaying my start date completely goes against everything the challenge stands for but I cannot work until 6pm every night, shop for a car and make it to yoga class without neglecting the zoo creatures. Sometimes life just happens, you know? So the coming of a new car will also mean the coming of my yoga challenge-yay!

Stay tuned because it can only go up from here (I hope!).

Have you ever had a crazy time in your life where all of your hard work and planning have completely gone out the window for some reason or another? Share it here!

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