Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Shortest Road

The shortest road between two points in time is paved with a multitude of distractions.

And this weekend was full of distractions. I had intended to have a quiet weekend to relax and read and watch movies. Instead, my days turned into project time at the Zoo (Zoo=apartment+animals) and I cooked my little heart out, took Pooch to a halloween party at his doggy daycare, organized all my old photos and completely rearranged my house. Here's how quiet became crazy...

I was overcome by the strong urge to make a pie on Friday evening which only led to more cooking-afterall, I couldn't just have pie for supper! So, I cooked dinner on Friday, reinvented leftover dinner for Saturday's lunch and made a whole new lunch on Sunday.

Let's start with dessert because a) it did come first, b) it is one of the basic food groups (com'on, you didn't know that?!?) and c) it's my favorite! Call me crazy, but I get much more satisfaction from baking something sticky sweet than I do from cookingchicken breast with some spices on top.

Above you will see a Brie and Pear Tart. For the full recipe, check out the DIY Adventures page. Easy to make and scrumptious to eat!

For Friday's speedy-dinner so I could get onto the pie, I made a no-cook taco salad.

How to make it?
Start by crumpling tin-foil into a big half circle with a flat bottom. Place the flat side onto a cooking sheet and lay a tortilla on top of the curved side. Pop the pan in the over on 400* for about 3-4 minutes to make the taco shell.

While the shell is cooking, mix 1 can black beans, 1 can gorbonzo beans, 1 small can of green diced chilies, about 2 tablespoons of salsa, some chopped tomatoes (anything else you have in your kitchen, maybe some avocado!) and about a tablespoon of italian dressing in a big bowl.

Take the taco shell out and let cool for just a minute. Line the bowl bottom with some greens, pour your bean mix on top and sprinkle some shredded cheese over it all. Ta-Da! Taco salad.

For the leftover bean mix...
Make another taco bowl (directions above).

Fry two boca burgers (or hamburgers if you are feeling carnivorous) until they are just about done. Use your spatula to cut the burgers into tiny pieces i the pan. Then pour the leftover bean mix and some shredded cheese into the pan and fry together for a few minutes (until hot).

Empty pan contents into your taco bowl and serve lunch. Leftover problem solved!

Raleigh and I kicked off our Saturday morning playing dress-up. He is one HOT dog! Surprisingly, he loved his costume and actually put up a fight when I tried to remove it so the other doggies wouldn't chew it up. What a good puppy! 

Raleigh is GRADUATING puppy class next weekend-yay! We learned 'shake' today in class and our homework for next time is to get really good at sit and stay while wearing a hat (to clarify, Pooch will be wearing the hat, not me). Rara will get to take a picture in his grad cap on Sunday and needs to be able to hold a pose long enough for the trainer to take the shot. 

Lets just say its a work in progress and pictures are bound to show up here throughout the week documenting our attempts. But hey, at least he can properly shake the instructors hand while accepting his diploma!

As for redecorating the house...

On the way home from buying Pooch a doggy bed at Target (he didn't have one) I was hit by the realization that the black metal garage storage unit I use as a bookshelf is actually really really ugly.  It had to go. Instead of concentrating in my yoga class, I mulled over some new design ideas. I headed to Wal Mart after class and bought the nicest looking book shelf I could find for the least amount of money.  I spent Saturday evening assembling my shelves and ditching everything I didn't need.

The end result? All my junk is now neatly organized into real bookshelves and all my furniture has been pushed back against the walls which really makes the room open up. It's crazy how much space you can create when you use it efficiently.

I'm not sure why, but cleaning and reorganizing always makes me feel freer, like I've gotten rid of all the clutter in my life. In reality, the clutter has just been gracefully moved around to appear as though the place has less junk. Either way, I like it.

With my musical couches game won, my reorganizing frenzy migrated towards my computer files. In cleaning out my old picture folder, I found way too many adorable Sessa shots that I just had to share.

For your viewing pleasure, a tribute to Princess Cat...

Sassy cat believes she is God's gift to the world

Why yes, that is Princess Cat in my laundry basket.
Why is the bag shaking?

Oh, Princess Cat! How did you get into the bag on the door handle?

Nap time ON the table. Princess Cat, you do know we eat there, right?
Today's lesson: The busier you are the faster time flies.

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