Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pooch the Menace Strikes Again!

This morning was supposed to be a good morning...

I woke up and actually got out of bed when my alarm went off. I took Raleigh for a walk so he could tinkle. We ate a peaceful family breakfast with the cat and the dog in the same room which is very rare as they hate each other; correction, Sessa-my 4 yr old angel cat whose life was ruined when the dog came home-hates Raleigh. Then, Pooch and I headed to the dog park. 

Pooch ran around like his tail was on fire with his tongue lolling to the side resembling a wet rag. After 45 minutes of good hard playing, we leashed up and headed on our walk along the trail bordering the wash.

We walked along, Pooch behaving pretty well and not chasing every car that passed. About half way across the bridge, Raleigh just stopped and began pulling backwards on his leash with all of his might, straight into the middle of the street! 

So here we are, me clinging on to one end of the leash as hard as I can to keep Pooch, who has now transformed into rebellious Pooch the Menace, from dragging himself into the street and getting run over, and Pooch pulling with everything he has on the other end, just because. Cars are stopping and this crazy elderly lady with her little white poodle starts shouting at me from across the street that I don't know what I am doing and is Pooch's harness on the right way?

Crazy Lady crosses the street to 'help', demanding that Pooch must need water, and Raleigh suddenly stops tugging to follow her little imp dog down the path and off the bridge. Once clear of the road and the cars, Crazy Lady breaks out her fancy-schmancy doggie water bottle and begins hydrating Pooch like he's a flower. 

This is when the lecturing starts: "How long have you had that dog?" Three months. "Do you watch Cesar Milan?" No, but we are in training. "Well you NEED to, you are an awful pack leader!" Thank you Crazy Lady, I think we will be going now. I really appreciate your dust mite dog leading Pooch off the bridge (which, by the way, I could have done myself if you would have stopped shouting at me from across the street!) but please save your unsolicited advice for someone who would like to listen. SOME PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE NERVE!

By this point I am fuming: fuming at Crazy Lady for not being able to mind her own darn business and furious at Pooch the Menace for embarrassing me when he knows how to walk on a leash like a good dog!

Sitting in the car on the way home, I tried to forgive Raleigh because he has long since forgotten the incident and has no idea why I am glaring at him and I tried to let go of my anger at the whole thing and the freshly renewed doubt that maybe I am a bad pet mommy after all. 

Then this song came on the radio...

and my mind drifted to Greg. What would he think? What would he say? Well, he would probably tell me Crazy Lady is exactly that, a crazy old lady with nothing bette to do than berate a young girl! And I should never doubt myself because of what someone else tells me. And that Pooch the Menace is definitely a menace and it's not my fault. 

So, God gave me Greg (and Raleigh and Sessa) for the ups and downs in life and they are what will pull me through each day. 

Today's lesson: Acknowledge your anger and then let it go. There are too many good things in life to waste any more time than necessary being upset.

I miss Greg...

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