Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just Roll With It

One of my weaknesses (yes, I admit that I have them too. Greg would probably list them for you if you asked, and then he would go on to say why none of them matter because he loves me anyway-isn't he amazing?)...Anyway, one of my few many weaknesses is that I let the smallest things bug me. The most irrelevant comment or a rude action done by someone I don't even know will bug me for days, weeks if it's really trivial.

Part of learning to love myself is accepting all of my faults, no matter how ridiculous or annoying they may be. The other part of learning to love myself is being able to grow and change my attitude when I want to. I've accepted the fact that I have trouble letting things roll off my back and I've also acknowledged that this is something I want to change. I know that the better I become at 'going with the flow', the less stressed I will be in the long run.

I've been steadily working on becoming a more 'go with it' person. Today, however, was the first day I really put it into practice. And boy was it a day for that.

It all started on my lunch break. I decided to stop at Jimmy Johns on the way home to grab food (there was nothing in my fridge) and I quickly pulled into the parking lot and stopped my car at the first available spot. I went in, got my sandwich and followed a middle-aged, tired looking woman out the door towards the parking lot. Turns out I had parked right next to her. Apparently, I hadn't done a perfect enough parking job for her taste (I was 2 inches off center!) and she had the audacity to exclaim right to my face "Nice parking job!" with her hands on her hips and her toe tapping like a pouting child. Things like this only happen to me! BUT instead of snapping back at her, I ignored her rude remark, took my very sweet time getting into my car and left without a word. Passive aggressive, me? Never! And who says I can't go with the flow! The fact that I am now ranting about this little instance on my blog is completely irrelevant, trust me.

On the way back from lunch, some crazy Mexican man wearing a sombrero and driving a landscaping truck ran a red light making a left hand turn and almost hit me side on! Good thing I was paying attention. But I didn't get mad about it or wave at him New York style because I am 'going with the flow'.

At the grocery store after work a woman with an overflowing cart literally raced to get in front of me at the checkout line. But I didn't growl or glare at her. She probably has about 10 chicks at home to feed judging by the haul she had and could use the 5 extra minutes she saved by pushing her big bum cart in front of me.

When I got home, I was all prepared to COOK! I had bought brown sugar, sage and frozen sweet potato gnocchi and was ready to make a killer pasta dish. Then I unpacked my bags and opened the gnocchi to begin cooking. It was only when I saw that my gnocchi was covered in white frozen cream that I realized I had not bought plain frozen sweet potato gnocchi, I bought sweet potato gnocchi with brown sugar and sage sauce already prepared. Oh well, guess I better pay closer attention next time. I cooked more pumpkin muffins instead. I swear I'm obsessed!

See how good I am at this letting go thing?!?!?! Greg would be so proud!

Today's lesson: Learning to 'just go with it' is not as easy as it looks. So, control your annoyance or anger until you can get it out, get it ALL out and get over it. You'll be a much happier person once you drop the baggage you don't need.

The song for today is This One's For the Girls by Martina McBride.

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