Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One Last Text Before I Go

I've been fighting back tears all day. Greg's deployment time has delayed continuously. So all night, I woke up to every stupid Saks 5th Ave. coupon and Dictionary.com 'word of the day' email because my phone was on maximum volume just in case he called. My heart aches. My head aches. This delay is just prolonging the inevitable-he's leaving and I wont be there to see him go. Just keep telling yourself, Mel, it's a good thing you aren't there. It would be that much harder on both of you. You'd be a mess! Well, turns out I'm a mess either way. Oh, life!

So, exhausted from jumping at every sound my phone makes and restless from dreams about him coming home and nightmares about the dangers he might face, I dragged myself out of bed at 4am to a crying pooch who refused to be ignored. Raleigh (affectionately referred to as The Ra or Rara) barked and whined and made noises only the deaf can hear, pleading to be taken out to potty. Expecting him to take a massive leak, we stopped at the bottom step of my building to avoid walking too far in the dark. Turns out, he had a serious tummy ache. An entire roll of paper towels, 8 hours and $200 in vet bills later, it was discovered that The Ra had swallowed something small and round, making him incredibly gassy and explosive as his body tried to pass whatever this item is. Stay tuned for results. Rara is now on a bland food diet and anti-nausea meds for the next week, much to his sch-grin.

Let me end this entry on a high note: at least I have a good story to tell.

The last text my soldier sent me today was a picture of him in his uniform on the deployment bus all hard faced and serious, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our great country. I'm proud, heartbroken and standing strong. My heart goes out to the loved ones of every soldier on that bus and everyone who has ever stood in my shoes. May the hope and love that we all share for our brave men and women in uniform carry them safely through the time abroad and return them home where they belong.

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