Friday, October 28, 2011

Fix it Friday: 30 Day Challenge

A few days ago, Sandy of 20 Something vs. World (a killer blog about life, love and everything in between) asked me if I had ever done a 30 Day Challenge.

A 30 Day Challenge? What the heck is a 30 Day Challenge? Whatever it was, I was intrigued. Why? 1) I don't typically have the willpower to resist a challenge. 2) Sandy's blog is pretty stellar and if she is did something and recommends trying it, I at least want to find out what it is. 3) It involves yoga and, after practicing for almost 6 years and never having heard of it before, I was very curious.

A 30 Day Challenge, I discovered, is a way to push your body, heart and mind to their limits by practicing yoga every day for 30 days straight-no breaks and no skipping! The theory behind the challenge is that if you can really do it, if you can overcome your inner lazy-bum and make it to class for 30 consecutive days, your practice and your sense of self will significantly deepen and strengthen.

As one of my teachers put it, yoga is the practice of "shape shifting to state shift." In other words, by contorting your body into different (often ridiculous) positions-changing your shape-you can move your mind onto different tracks of thinking-changing your state; the ultimate effect is a more positive and fulfilled you.

So, 30 straight days of yoga classes to give my practice a power boost? Umm, YES PLEASE! Talk about  a Fix it Friday how-to!

Monday is going to be my first day of the 30 Day Challenge. Starting next week for 30 days, all posts will begin with an update on my progress and the number day that I am on. Wish me luck!

My 30 Day Challenge inspirational song

Here's my challenge to you: join me! I invite you to follow along on my month of self determination and take on a challenge of your own for 30 days. Maybe you will go for a walk every day, maybe you will cook something new each night, or maybe your challenge will be to not say or think anything negative about the way you look. Whatever your goal, let's do it together! Because we could all use a bit more of something in our life, right?

What will your 30 Day Challenge be? Share your ideas here!

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