Sunday, October 16, 2011

Debbie Downer Extraordinaire

This last week has been tough, in case you couldn't tell. I know I have been Debbie Downer Extraordinaire lately, but I needed to let it out somehow. Why not on my blog?

So, out of love for myself and to help me get back on track, I took a break from my normal weekend routine. Instead of the usual yoga, kickboxing, hiking, errands, cleaning, grocery shopping, puppy class grind, I devoted two days entirely to me (and the pets). I spent this weekend doing ONLY things that I know make me happy. I know myself better than anyone else and no one (although Greg comes really, really close) can make me happier than I can.

Not so surprisingly, I feel significantly lighter AND I have a lot to show for it! I've cooked, played with Pooch, tended to Princess Cat, spent some friend time, talked to Greg and crafted. I love crafting.

To make up for my Debbie Downer week, here are the results of my cooking/crafting/pet care weekend extravaganza. Enjoy!

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Icing 
(Healthy and FROM SCRATCH!)

This recipe, from was not only super easy but also incredibly delicious! For the full recipe visit my DIY Adventures tab.

Learn from my Oops! I mixed too much milk into the frosting which made it too watery. Solution: I drizzled the frosting on the cakes and then popped them in the fridge overnight. The cakes are so moist that the cold air doesn't dry them out but it hardens the frosting so it's more like a chocolate drizzle, Mmmm!

Dog Park with Raleigh
(Pooch the Menace + dirt + water = one very happy pup)

The Ra did so well in puppy class today! The instructor used him as an example not once but TWICE! And we got compliments from all the other students! YAY Pooch!

To reward him for is EXCELLENT behavior, we went to the dog park for a well deserved romp. Little Ra was so excited he decided to dig up the sprinkler head, lay in the hole he dug, take a bath in the water bucket to make sure he was squeaky clean and then rub his wet little body all over the dirt to make an all around mess of his furry puppy chops.

At least he will sleep well tonight! (fingers crossed)

Dark Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins
(A hit for fall dinner parties)

My chocolatified adaptation of the Adventures in my Kitchen Pumpkin Spice Muffin recipe. I unfortunately have the biggest sweet tooth in the world and the only cure just happens to be chocolate, and lots of it. Instead of using spice cake or cinnamon cake mix, I used dark chocolate fudge cake mix and some 60% coca Giradelli chocolate chips. A-MAZ-ING if I do say so myself!

I brought these lovely desserts over to my friend's house as a peace offering as the Ra also came along.

They were a big hit! And so was the Ra who decided to take his second bath of the weekend in anything besides the tub!

Stuffed Patriotic Bear
(Greg's next box buddy!)
Months ago I made Greg a t-shirt quilt with shirts of all the places we had been together during our crazy whirlwind long distance love (see right). Unfortunately, this left me with tons of leftover fabric that I have yet to figure out what to do with...until this weekend! 
I was yelling at the Ra to 'drop-it!' (IT being my favorite stuffed bear) when it came to me! I could make my own bear. REVOLUTIONARY, I know (hehe)! So, Greg's next box buddy was born.  I'm still stuffing the head but here's what I have so far. Visit the DIY Adventures page for the full patter and how-to instructions. 

Today's Lesson: The easiest way to keep your tough self going when the going gets tough is to make sure you care for yourself. Love yourself from head to toe, forgive yourself when you make an oopsie!, praise yourself when you do something well, and treat yourself when you are down.

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