Friday, October 7, 2011

Announcing Fix-it Fridays!

From now on, every Friday will be known as Fix-it Friday!

What does that mean? Well, each Friday I am going to try fixing something and I'm going to tell you about it. How exciting!

It might be a meal, because after all I am learning how to cook; or the pan I burn to a crisp trying to make the meal (Oops!).

Fix-it Friday could refer to the sink that suddenly bursts that floods my apartment and needs to be fixed. Now that I am a 'single military girlfriend', that kind of thing will happen all the time and I will miraculously always know how to fix it. That's how it happens in all the real-life sitcoms... Wait! What? You mean to tell me they make all that stuff up? Well there goes my sink-fixing bubble!

One Friday might mean fixing my broken heart that aches from missing Greg; another might be fixing my broken arse because Pooch the Menace (aka Raleigh) dragged me down the stairs in desperation to go peepee.

But TODAY, I am fixing Greg's first box. I made a mile long shopping list of everything I could think of that wouldn't melt (and that he would actually use) and headed to Target with the ferocity of a woman on a mission!

After scouring the store in it's entirety, I found everything on my list... and a few things that weren't. 
Yes, that is Pooch the Menace in his brand new Target hot dog costume. What can I say; It was on sale for Halloween and I just can't resist a good sale! 

So, armed with my arsenal of snacks, picture frames, baby wipes and Halloween sticky spiders, I headed home to start my box. 

Now comes the hard part, making it personal. It was too difficult to start with a letter because letters always make me cry. I decided to leave the real writing for tomorrow when I will be fresh and rested and I think that's ok. See! I am honoring myself! Good Melissa! :)

Instead, I took pictures of Raleigh in his hot dog suit (see left) and decorated my newly purchased frames with not-too-cheesy but still kind of cheesy stickers.

I have heard that mailing the boxes can be a huge hassle. Stay tuned this weekend for 'Adventures at the Post Office'!

Today's lesson: Do what you CAN do when you can do it, and that will be enough. 

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