Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And Everything Just Goes Quiet

All day my head has been buzzing with ideas for new things I want to write about: inspirational phrases, quotes, post topics and on and on and on. I was inspired by everything! Ten minutes couldn't pass without a new revelation coming to mind (some one or two of them were actually decent). Like a good writer, I jotted each one of them down for later possibilities.

I felt blessed that today had brought so much inspiration and exhausted from the constant whirring of my mind.

I was still brainstorming as my yoga class began. The teacher's word of the day even sparked a light (funny, because the word was enlightenment).

And this is why I love yoga. Five minutes into class and everything just goes quiet...

My FAVORITE pose from this evening's class. Tonight, I finally did my first full wheel!
As Delilah said this evening (yes, I was listening to Delilah; one of my favorite preset stations switches to her in the evenings and I always forget) "We hustle and bustle about all day, but sometimes we just need to be still and observe..."

Yoga has this incredible way of giving your body exactly what it needs in that moment, no matter what you are craving and whether you know you are craving it or not.

Now, my mind is still and surprisingly, the words and passion are flowing out of me freer and clearer than they have all day.

The most rewarding part? My yoga practice creates so much space for love to grow that I am able to use what I need and share the rest with Greg.

What is it that you do when you need to bring everything to a halt? If you're a yogi, how does the practice effect your day?

p.s. Here's the pictures of Pooch I promised. Isn't he an ADORABLE babushka?

We are practicing 'sit and stay' while wearing a hat so that Raleigh can properly pose for his puppy school graduation photo. Pictures coming soon...promise!

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  1. How am I not surprised that you're a yogini too?! It's been such a lifesaver for me. I think I might have drowned in my own worries and non-stop stream of (nagging) consciousness had I not started practicing. My sleeps just aren't as restful if I'm not practicing regularly. :) Have you ever done a 30-day challenge?